An online and in-person community exclusively for the wedding industry. A place to learn, grow, develop and to make life-long friends. THE place to get results in your wedding business.

All about you //



You’re totally passionate about your wedding business and you love what you do. But at the moment you’re having more bad days than good and you’re just not sure where to find the right sort of help.

Your work can often feel lonely and you crave an uplifting and supportive group of likeminded people around you. You’re excited at the prospect of having a group of people to lean on when you need help and who will cheer you on when things go well. 

You’ve reached a point in your business and you need help to get to the next stage. Working with a business coach is exactly what you need but you don’t have the budget to work 1:1 with one.

You want to build a life changing business not just a hobby.


Starting and running a successful business in this industry can be exhausting. This club is here to make it easier and to get you there faster. My goal is simple – I want you to get results. This group isn’t just about the incredible support community, it’s about getting you where you need to be so that you can create financial and time freedom.

How does the membership work?


As soon as you join the club you will have automatic access to the membership platform. From here you will be able to dive into an extensive collection of courses. Every 1st of the month a whole new course is released.


Every month you get a 1 hour group coaching call with me where we dive deep into the monthly module. Often we will be joined by guest experts. During this call you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions you like and even have some live coaching with me.


In addition to the coaching calls we also have a live Q&A call where you have the opportunity to ask me any question you like. My desire for all club members if that they are never left in the dark or wondering about anything in their business. I am here to help everyone.

monthly meditations

The membership comes with an extensive collection of meditations for you to dive into. Every month a new one is released. A big part of the club is the focus on your mindset and using this as a tool to grow your mindset.

private facebook community

Our private Facebook group is where all of the daily conversation takes place and where you can start to get to know your fellow clubmates. Each week we share our goals and our wins and we help each other by sharing ideas and support.

the wedding business club live

Once per year we will get together for The WEdding Business Club LIVE. An all day event designed to inspire, motivate and energise you. Tickets for this day are FREE for annual members are are available for monthly members to purchase.

All about me //

My name is Faye Cornhill and I’m a Business & Mindset coach who helps wedding and creative industry business owners create the business of their dreams.

I’ve been running an incredibly successful wedding photography business for 11 years. When I started out, so many people told me it wouldn’t be possible to achieve what I wanted from my business.

But I found a way, I created a strategy, and before long those very same people were asking me how I did it.

…and that’s when I started to help others.

Since then I have helped hundreds of wedding business owners create, grow and thrive in their profitable and successful businesses.

Are you ready?

The moment you join you will have instant access to a wealth of knowledge and a group of team mates just waiting to cheer you on.

Introducing The Success Path


The club is so much more than just a nice place to hang out with industry friends (although 100% that’s a huge part of our ethos!)

I am committed to your progress and the results  you achieve. Because of this I want to help you measure your success in order to feel good about yourself, take control of your business and ultimately so that you’re reaping the rewards of your investment.

After 10 years of actually running a successful wedding photography business, I have designed the success path around the 4 key areas I believe we should all be focussing on:




When you join the club you will be invited to understand exactly which stage of your business you are at in these 4 areas. Each month a module and workbook is released and we cycle through the 4 key areas. Each month you will be given actions to take – whichever stage you are at in your business. From here you will actually be able to track your results and understand how the club is helping you grow your business.

Becky Weir - Wedding Photographer

I love the club because it is an awesome community. We’ve all got each others back and no question is too silly. There is a wealth of experience and always someone who can support and help you. Faye’s monthly content is always great and the Q&A session is priceless really. Being able to ask someone with such a wealth of experience is like having your own personal guru 

Liz Inigo Jones - Wedding Florist


Firstly I love Faye and how she runs her own business and how she has grown it over the years. Secondly, as i wanted help and guidance with my own business, she was the perfect person to go to. The Club has a great ambiance and vibe with members helping, guiding, critiquing (if that’s a word?) each other and what we do… all in a very positive way… do it, join us!!

Vickie Elliot - Wedding Stylist


Faye is so down to earth and relatable, which makes a huge difference for me – I trust her to guide us in the right direction so that we all succeed. I always feel focused and fired-up after the live sessions and he weekly check-ins keep me on track too. Her knowledge of the wedding industry is invaluable, and I love that she’s so present in the club. The members of the club are such a lovely group too and having that support system when you work alone most of the time is invaluable. I can’t imagine not being part of the club now!

Christine Havill - Wedding Photographer


I really appreciate the Wedding Business Club, it’s a fab community of great, kind and helpful members who are always on hand to lend an ear or piece of advice. Faye is, as always, brilliant, her weekly calls are informative and inspiring and she’s got a great knack of knowing exactly what you need to nudge your business along and helps you do it – she knows what she’s doing! I love the club cos the team like vibe makes you feel less isolated if you work from home alot!

Gabi Staniszewska - Make Up Artist


I love the club! Being your own boss can be a bit lonely at times, but the incredible support, advice and community you get by being member of the WBC helps enormously! The weekly calls always bring my focus back to my business and give me inspiration and ideas on how to improve it and how to grow it. Having Faye and this fantastic group of likeminded people who cheer you on and celebrate your wins, but also pick you up when you are feeling a bit low is invaluable to me!

Charlene Russell - Wedding Cake Designer


Being in the Wedding Business Club is like having your own troop of amazing cheerleaders! Having a like-minded community headed up by the amazing Faye, who is endlessly positive and supportive, is invaluable and I never feel like I can’t ask questions, however silly they may feel. Being a part of the club makes me feel connected and gives me a nudge when I need it!

Lindsey Robertson - Wedding Photographer


I love the club because of the focus on mindset. And when I feel like I’m losing it, the club was there to pull me back out remind me why I’m doing this and get me back on track. The community is amazing and the monthly modules are a source of continual motivation.

Sally Bean - Wedding Dress Designer


I am so thankful that I joined the WBC. It has given me a refresh and the support of the fellow members who have amazing businesses is so inspiring. I was really impressed with the calibre of the other members.
Faye’s work books and the private Facebook group where we cheerlead support and encourage each other has helped me level up my business and I am now excited again to make it grow

Kate Spicer - Wedding Florist


I absolutely love being part of the club. A genuinely lovely and supportive community of like minded wedding professionals. It is just so brilliant to have a safe non judgemental space to ask advice and to learn. The monthly zooms and Q&A’s from Faye are absolute gold. So glad that I joined xx

Melissa Booth - Wedding Photographer


I’ve only been with the club a couple of weeks and already the value and the support and the modules are worth SO much to me. I have already secured a new booking having followed Faye’s advice in the first module.

Sophie Murphy - Wedding Stationery Designer


I love being a part of the club because whenever we have doubts, an ambition, a wobble or a celebration you can bet your bottom dollar there will always be a gang of amazing professionals standing at the sideline cheering us on.

Natalie Walker - Wedding Planner


I love the Wedding Business Club! Faye’s support is invaluable and it’s such an incredible supportive community of like minded people. Joining has given me the confidence to grow my business and turn 2020 into the my best year ever!

Nicola Dawson - Wedding Photographer


I completed Faye’s Book in 90 program and subsequently generated enough business that I left my job to become a full time wedding photographer. A year on, I began to feel isolated and at times, lacking in direction. The Wedding Business Club was the solution. The sense of community is invaluable and there is such a variety and wealth of knowledge within its members. The modules are exactly what I need to keep me feeling sharp and focussed and I have no doubt that being a member will help my business continue to grow.

Gloria Darko - Wedding Planner

If you believe that community really does matter more than competition then The Wedding Business Club is your tribe! Faye has created an uplifting and action driven community in The Wedding Business Club. We share highs, we share lows, and most importantly we are kicking some business goals and knocking them out of the park together!

Fiona Self - Jewellery Designer


What can I say, I just love Faye and her energy, positivity and wealth of experience in the Wedding Industry! The group is full of so many supportive and talented people who don’t hesitate to help, advise, celebrate wins, cheer on and generally support each other which is worth its weight in gold! In addition through the monthly calls you are given constant opportunities to learn which helps to keep you on your toes with goals and plans for the future rather than just treading water. All I can say is it’s amazing – join now!