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Last week I spent a few days with my One Day Intensive clients in London. Such a great way to kick start the year! And so uplifting to see people transform in the space of a few hours.

I love London - I've always believed it's one of the most amazing cities in the world. I'm no historian but I love hearing the stories of our great landmarks. Last year I spent the day doing the tourist thing - I visited The Tower of London and also went on an open top bus tour and it was amazing. I strongly recommend being a tourist in your own City - you see so much more!

As I walked back through the streets of Kensington I spotted a shop. In the window of the shop were six t-shirts hanging on a rail. The shop was painted in a very dark blue and stood out from all of the other shops. The name of the shop was written in a very fine silver text which looked nothing like anything else on the street.

I was intrigued.

I peered through the window and saw the super cool and super welcoming interior. Very minimalistic, no clutter. This didn't look like the average t-shirt shop.

I wanted to see more.

I went into the shop. The lighting was low, warm, calm. Some chilled music echoed around the shop at just the right volume. I browsed the rails. Everything was hung on heavy, quality, beautiful wooden hangers. All of them showed the thin silver branding that was on the shop front.

I was enjoying this experience.

A very well groomed man walked past and smiled and say 'hi'. No pressure, no intimidation, just a friendly hello.

I felt welcome.

I spotted an equally well groomed man completing the transaction of his t-shirt. He thanked the shop attendant and picked up his packed t-shirt. The t-shirt had been carefully folded, wrapped in branded tissue paper, which was then sealed with a branded sticker. The bag it was placed in was quality, there was the silver branding, and the handles were a thick dark blue rope.

Immediately I wanted to buy a t-shirt.

(...and here is the most important part of this story)


I hear so much fear about pricing.... I've experience this exact fear. But the turning point was when I removed my own obsession with a price tag and considered the experience.

Start today - think about what you're offering your clients and how you offer it. P.S Are you a Wedding Photographer, a Wedding Florist, a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Stationer (or indeed any Wedding Business) and are you looking for a Wedding Business Coach? Perhaps you're looking specifically for Wedding Photography Training? If you are please get in touch by clicking on 'Book A Call' above.

with love, faye x


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