Things I wish I’d known about running my wedding business

Do you ever wish you could just turn back the time and go and have a chat with yourself before you started your business? That you could tell yourself the pitfalls, warn yourself about the challenges ahead and prevent yourself from making the mistakes you’ve made?

There are so many things I wish I had known before I started my wedding business and today I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

1. You will not get it right straight away.

When I decide I want something, I want it yesterday. My family will tell you that I am impatient. Queuing is NOT my thing, waiting drives me mad. It’s actually something I work on – because I understand that sometimes diving in head first isn’t what it’s about. Just because this is my personality type I’m not an advocate of walking into the fire without at least having a plan. That said, I wish I could go back and tell myself that seeking perfection all the time would only ever be detrimental to me. In pursuit of perfection I would often stall my development by taking the attitude of ‘If it’s not perfect I won’t do it.’ The truth of course is that you will not get everything right straight away. I’m yet to meet a highly successful business owner who can tell me that every decision and every choice they’ve ever made has been 100% right first time. In our mistakes are the learnings. And in business you either win or learn.

2. You don’t have to do it alone.

Coming from a business background in the corporate world – I felt responsible for having all the answers in my wedding business from day one. Which upon reflection is actually ridiculous. In the very early days I carried every single aspect of my business on my shoulders, and it was HEAVY. Of course the truth is that when you run a business in the wedding industry you have to wear many hats – social media expert, website developer, graphic designer, sales person, accountant – the list goes on. If you are doing ALL of the things then you’re being super hard on yourself. There is an easier way – and the first step to this is ASKING FOR HELP. When I look at the really successful businesses I have worked with in the wedding industry, NONE of them have done it alone.

3. Your business will constantly evolve.

You business will change a thousand times over. Your business model, your route to market and even your ideal client will (and indeed, should) evolve. I wish I could tell myself to be more relaxed, more fluid about the direction of my business. If something feels good and comes from a place of integrity, go with it. Ideas and concepts will come into your business for a reason – sometimes they will work out, sometimes they won’t. Be open to change, welcome it like an old friend, instead of resisting it.

4. There are many paths to success.

There is not a single path to success and in fact one of the things I love about running Booked in 90 Days(my group programme for wedding businesses) is watching how so many different people achieve success in different ways. I give you the foundation, you decide the kind of house you’re going to build. So if you’re panicking because you’re doing things differently, or your business ‘looks’ different, panic not. There are many paths to success.

with love, faye x

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