An online and in-person community exclusively for the wedding industry. A place to learn, grow, develop and to make life-long friends. THE place to get results in your wedding business.

Do you feel like you are drowning in the wedding industry? You know you want to build a business but have no idea which steps to take?

Do you wish you had a supportive and uplifting community of people there to help you?

Would you benefit from regular teaching from a qualified and experienced business coach to help elevate you and your business?

Starting and running a business in this industry can be tough and I have created this club to help make it easier. My goal is simple – I want you to get results. This group isn’t just about the incredible support community, it’s about getting you where you need to be so that you can create financial and time freedom.

If we haven’t met before, here’s a little bit about me…

My name is Faye Cornhill and I’m a Business & Mindset coach who helps wedding and creative industry business owners create the business of their dreams.

I’ve been running an incredibly successful wedding photography business for 10 years. When I started out, so many people told me it wouldn’t be possible to achieve what I wanted from my business.

But I found a way, I created a strategy, and before long those very same people were asking me how I did it.

…and that’s when I started to help others

The Wedding Business Club is
for you if:

You are a wedding business owner.

You’d like to surround yourself with a community of like-minded business owners.

You’re ready to learn new ways to grow your business.

You’re willing to do the work.

How does the membership work?

as soon as you join the club you will have automatic access to the membership platform. from here you will be able to dive into an extensive collection of courses and join the facebook group.

Each month starts with the release of a new module workbook and pre-recorded meditation. a week later we then have our group coaching call (often including guest experts!) we also then have an additional group call which give you the opportunity to ask me anything about anything.

Our facebook group is where all of the daily conversation takes place and where you can start to meet your new team mates!

once per year we will get together for the wedding business club live – an all day event designed to inspire, motivate and energise you. tickets for this are free for those joining the club on the yearly membership basis and are available to purchase if you join on the monthly membership.

What does the

monthly module with pdf workbooks.

monthly 1-hour group coaching sessions with me via Zoom.

monthly 1-hour Q&a coaching sessions with me via zoom.

special guest experts.

Incredible Facebook community of like-minded industry colleagues.

monthly pre-recorded meditation to help you focus.

free access to our live event – the wedding business club live.

introducing the success path

I understand that investing in yourself and
your business can feel like a big deal,
and I certainly don’t take it lightly.

The club is so much more than just a nice place to hang out with industry friends (although 100% that’s a huge part of our ethos!)

I am committed to your progress and the results  you achieve. Because of this I want to help you measure your success in order to feel good about yourself, take control of your business and ultimately so that you’re reaping the rewards of your investment.

After 10 years of actually running a successful wedding photography business, I have designed the success path around the 4 key areas I believe we should all be focussing on:

mindset strategy
business strategy
brand strategy
marketing strategy

When you join the club you will be invited to understand exactly which stage of your business you are at in these 4 areas. Each month a module and workbook is released and we cycle through the 4 key areas. Each month you will be given actions to take – whichever stage you are at in your business. From here you will actually be able to track your results and understand how the club is helping you grow your business.



Q) Can i join the membership at any time?

A) No – membership will be open at limited times throughout the year. This gives us the chance to get to know everyone in the group and to start building relationships. It’s likely that membership will open twice a year.

A) The club is open to absolutely everyone – whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for 20 years. That’s why I have created the Success Path. Rather than measure your success based on years of experience I base it on where you are in your own person journey.
Q) When will the workbook be released?
A) Module workbooks will be released every 1st of the month and will be within the private members area.
Q) When will the group coaching & Q&A calls be?
A) Usually the group coaching calls will be every 2nd Wednesday at 10.30am and the Q&A calls will be every 4th Wednesday at 10.30am. 
A) Due to the very low cost of this membership no refunds are available. 
Q) I'm not based in the UK can I still join?
A) The club is open to wedding business owners all over the world.
Q) Can I cancel my membership at any time?
A) Absolutely! You can cancel at anytime.
Q) What if I miss the coaching or Q&A calls?
A) Please don’t worry if you can’t make the calls – you will receive full access to the replay to watch in your own time.
Q) What if I fall behind?
A) Don’t panic! There is no such thing as falling behind here 🙂 You have lifetime access to the content so you have forever to complete it.
Q) How do i get a free ticket to the live event?
A) If you join as an annual member you will get a ticket free of charge (value £197) If you are joining monthly you don’t get a ticket included but will have the option to buy one nearer the time..

sign up now!

Enrolment is open NOW and will close at 10pm UK time on Wednesday 22nd January.