If you’re even considering getting coaching for your business, you NEED to take the leap – regardless of circumstances, finances, and what you think you can do on your own. A helping hand like Faye’s to guide you along unfamiliar or overwhelming paths is something that you can’t put a price tag on.

Investing in Faye is investing in your business, your well-being, and your peace of mind. I would do it again a million times over.

Let me tell you something, the fact you are even in a place in your business that you would consider coaching, pretty much by default means your business needs it. Coaching is something that you cannot put a price tag on. Your business is only as strong as its weakest area.

Faye is the happiest balance of everything your business needs to be coached through! I needlessly waited way too long in my business to start working with Faye, you do not even have to second guess if making the investment is worth it – IT IS!!!

“Enrolling on Faye’s group coaching course was the best investment I have made for my business and for my personal development yet! It gave me the tools and the direction that I needed, as I was pretty much winging it most of the time. Now I have a clear set of goals, a direction as to where I want to take my business and a shiny new brand image. Just one day after I changed my brand to suit my ideal client, I had 5 new enquiries in one day and was approached to collaborate with another wedding supplier; it was a game changer."
- Charlene Russell

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