The course takes you on a journey through every aspect of running a wedding business, each module as important and relevant as the others. Its comprehensive, practical, engaging and most importantly, its effective. Its success can be measured in the increase in my bookings and the connections made from networking. With a new understanding of my ideal client I am ready to invest further in branding and website design and a re-launch and price increase is scheduled a couple of months from now.

This course is a game changer. I have made a network of contacts that would otherwise have taken me years to accumulate, friends that I know will be lifelong and acquired a untold wealth of knowledge from Faye and her business experiences. My advice to other business owners thinking about coaching would be don’t hesitate any longer. It will be one of the best investments in yourself and your business that you will ever make.
- Nicola Dawson

It’s changed everything from my outlook on life to my love for my business. She has not only given me practical assistance to grow my business but also the belief that I can make anything possible – and I cannot emphasise enough how life changing and exciting that feeling is every morning.

I’m not sure I can count all the #BI90WIN’s because they’ve come big and small – I’ve built a brand from just a logo, I’ve faced my numbers and got them to make sense, I’ve seen an increase in my enquiries, I’ve closed sales during face-to-face meetings, I’ve been part of some fantastic wedding photo shoots and I’ve set goals that challenge but totally excite me. Moreover, Faye’s Booked In 90 course has given me confidence, drive and passion beyond my expectations.
- Ella Hulbert

Booked in 90 has been amazing! I feel like I’m 10 times more focused and 10 times more determined to make success happen for me. It’s been great to be part of such a supportive group that celebrates each others successes and really gets behind each other during the tough moments. A personal highlight for me was when I was seriously stuck thinking of a name for my business and everyone was super helpful throwing ideas out there to help me. The #askfaye hour each week is fantastic! I've learnt so much from that along with the Zoom calls and workbooks. I’m looking forward to hearing about the groups future successes and I know there will be many!
- Tracey Dean

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