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National Happiness Week 🙂

Hello and welcome to another week. Apparently it’s National Happiness Week this week, so ‘Happy Happiness Week’! If you’ve not done anything to increase your happiness levels yet, set yourself a target for at least one action per day for the rest of the week.

This year I’ve really prioritised happiness and whilst it sounds like a very basic shift, by prioritising the things that make me ‘happy’ EVERYTHING has changed. So try it today!

Here are some ideas for you:
  • Take an early morning walk and wake up with nature.
  • Take a long hot bath and burn your favourite candle.
  • Call up a friend or family member you haven't spoken to for a while.
  • Buy yourself a gift.
  • Make yourself a promise. 
  • Write a list of everything that's on your mind and draft a plan to clear them.
  • Ask for help in the areas of your life you are struggling with.

This week I wanted to talk about a really hot topic….

*Target Market and Niche Market* 

If you’ve worked with me before or are a current client you will have heard me say this more than once! (It's something I work with my clients very closely on when focussing on branding.)

The truth is that to be a success in whatever business you have, you absolutely need to be clear on this.

So let’s kick off with ‘what actually is the difference between your target market and niche?’

Knowing the difference between your target market and your niche is crucial to your business success. So, here is my definition:

  • Your target market is the group of people you market your business to. 
  • Your niche is your unique way of helping them solve their problem.

So let’s think about how and why this is relevant for the wedding industry. Let’s use an example. If you’re a destination wedding planner, your target market might be busy, wealthy, UK based professional couples having a destination wedding in Italy. Your niche could be your major network of top class vendors across Italy.

Now you might be thinking, 'I'm a wedding photographer/florist/make up artist, I don't solve any problems, I take pictures/create floral displays/do make up'. This is what I call face value marketing and you really need to dig deeper to understand the reason why your client will book you. If you're not clear on your niche - GET CLEAR!

The key to understanding how to market your niche is knowing that your customers don’t just buy a service or product, they buy a solution to their problem. When you market your business specifically to your niche you’re making a connection with them directly.

Have a think about how you market your business:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What is your niche?
  • What is the problem for your target market?
  • How can you help them solve it?
  • How are you communicating this in your website copy?
  • How are you communicating this in your social media posts?
If you need some help getting clarity on these areas I'd like to invite you to book a free, no obligation call with me to talk about how coaching can help you find direction and focus. Please use the link below to book a call.
Book a call with Faye now!
I'd love to hear how you get on working out your target market and niche so please do get in touch. I personally reply to all of my emails and would love to hear from you! With Love Faye x P.S. Stay tuned for some really exciting news in the next few weeks!
Book a call with Faye now!

with love, faye x


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