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Wow! What a Week...

What an absolute roller coaster these last few weeks have been. For those of you who don’t follow me on instagram, a week ago I moved house. Last Christmas I said to my husband (completely out of the blue) ‘This is the last Christmas we will spend in this house’. At the time we had absolutely no plans to move, in fact we’d kind of resigned ourselves to staying there forever. And in a sense I had come to terms with the disappointment that I would never have our ‘forever house’.

Until that moment. That moment when I realised that I wasn’t happy to ‘settle for the easy option’ or to ‘play it safe’. If I listened really hard to myself and my dreams I knew I would never be happy until we got what we really desired. And let me tell you, I was absolutely clear on what I wanted my new house to be like:

  • In the countryside
  • There would be a cute country pub within walking distance
  • Detached
  • The opportunity to extend
  • BIG garden
  • In a village with a welcoming community

In fact there are tons of other pieces of information I knew about this house. And this was before we’d even started looking, before we’d even considered the options and before we’d even thought about selling our house. I could close my eyes and see all of the details of my desired scenario. I could hear the children playing in the garden and I could see us on Christmas Day sitting in our new living room opening presents.

And here is the lesson I have learnt through this whole house moving episode:

I absolutely had stopped worrying about HOW I was going to get there and was solely focussed on WHAT I desired.

I got really clear on the precise details of everything. I could close my eyes and see it all. I could hear the sounds of us playing in the garden and could smell the roast dinner cooking in the oven. For a whole week I did the same visualisation exercise over and over again and could walk into each room and see it there so clearly before me.

I then released this desire and trusted that somehow I would be able to find the path to this life.

I don’t talk about it that often but this was one of my biggest results in manifesting. When I first started learning about manifesting, many moons ago, the whole concept seemed a little too woo-woo for me. I mean, come on, manifesting a house?! Seriously.

But the second I released the pressure of how/why/if/when and concentrated on the what, it came so easily to me.

I remember the first day we viewed this house (and again, just to remind you, we didn’t focus on any of the facts/figures/the ifs/the buts) We saw it advertised and called up the agent. We asked to come and see it right away and he said YES (soooo easy!) As my husband and I walked past each other on the landing we both nodded and in that moment I knew the deal was done. This was going to be our forever home.

Now of course it’s not all been plain sailing. Buying and selling houses can be a lengthy, and quite honestly, boring. BUT we trusted the outcome was what we wanted it to be, we released it and guess what?! Yes, we got it.

Since the house I’ve re-invigorated my passion for manifesting in a pretty major way. How could I ignore such an amazing result?! At the end of August I set myself a monetary manifesting challenge. I set myself a goal to manifest a sum of money between September-December of additional revenue. As of today I have achieved 109{ef1a1177ecfed7b2c2ae6e19832a51a72cd66726c627c9dc36118b614d76f1b5} of my target and we’ve not reached the end of September yet. I’m now working on my goals for January and if I’m honest it’s amazingly good fun 🙂

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because running a business can be tough. When the money isn’t flowing as easily as we’d like, we can resort to telling ourselves a whole series of stories that can sabotage any sort of success we may have otherwise experienced. The mindset work I’ve focussed on so heavily over the past few years has completely changed my life, my business and my outlook. I've achieved things I could never have imagined were possible and every day I am watching my clients do exactly the same thing.

I hear it over and over again... "Faye, I didn't think it would EVER be possible". IT IS!

If you’d like to know more about manifesting and how it can help you then please do take a moment to book a time to talk using the button below.

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Likewise if you’re already manifesting in your business please tell me your stories, I’d LOVE to hear from you!

With Love,

Faye x

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