How being brave took me to Lapland


This year has been so exciting for me.... I've taken risks, made decisions and gone with my heart. Boy does it feel GREAT!

I've been hearing from a lot of wedding professionals how they should 'wait for the New Year' to start implementing changes to their business. Why? START NOW! Before we know it, we're half way through the year, knee deep into a new season and we've changed NOTHING. I know first hand how consuming the wedding season can be. I HEAR YOU, I know how you feel. I used to be a procrastinator. I used to wait until everything was 'perfect' before launching or beginning new projects. Then I learnt the secret to my own success. {I learnt to be BRAVE} That's it. This year I have invested more money than ever in my own personal development and training. .... and do you know the result??


How did I make the decision to invest in my business?
This bit is easy to answer!I asked myself 'what will happen if I don't?' The answer was simple - NOTHING WILL CHANGEI asked myself 'do I want next year to be better?' Easy - Yes! I WANTED MOREI found this shift in my mindset so powerful that it started to effect all aspects of my life....
For the last three years I've said 'one day I will take the children to Lapland...' A few months ago I decided there was no reason to wait (I didn't want to risk the chance of missing out forever!) I was brave - I set myself a goal - I committed - WE ARE GOING NEXT WEEK! (if you follow me on instagram {link below} prepare for Lapland loveliness!)
Love Faye xP.S. Did you see my free guide? The Powerful of Networking: How I made £50k my 2nd year. Link below. P.S Are you a Wedding Photographer, a Wedding Florist, a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Stationer (or indeed any Wedding Business) and are you looking for a Wedding Business Coach? Perhaps you're looking specifically for Wedding Photography Training? If you are please get in touch by clicking on 'Book A Call' above.

with love, faye x


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