A Game-Changing, Brain-Changing Programme Designed For Heart-Led Solopreneurs.

Be the business-owner you’ve always dreamed of being, do the things that bring you joy, have the balanced, beautiful life you deserve.

can i

tell you a secret?

What I’m about to share with you is the big one – it’s the shoot for the moon, no going back, big-kahuna-whole-shebang. And I genuinely believe it’s going to change your life. Not just your business. Your whole darn life.

I’ve been dreaming about this programme for a while – to be honest with you it’s been years in the making. I’m so excited to finally invite you in to explore all the possibilities it will open up for you in your head, your heart and your future.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
welcome to

This isn’t a course. It’s not a set of steps that will get you from point A to point B. There is no pre-prepared finish line to cross here. Instead, this is about a way of life, about recalibrating your brain, making subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) changes in the way you think, the way you approach your business, and the way you live your life.

The beauty of The Flow Method™ is that its results will be different for everyone who engages with it – it’s naturally tailored to your individual lifestyle, and the hopes and challenges that come along with it.  I don’t promise you a particular income, I don’t promise you more hours in the day, or a certain number of bookings in your diary. What I can guarantee you is that you’ll come away from this experience forever changed, ready and oh-so able to embrace the success and the happiness you deserve.

So what do you say?
Are you ready to take the leap?

From Constantly Frazzled to Courageously Free

Raise your hand if this sounds like you:

You put your heart and soul into your business and you know it has the potential to go places

You’re keeping everything afloat, you’re wearing all the necessary hats, but you’re definitely surviving rather than thriving

You’re never quite able to escape the feeling that life would be somehow easier with the comfort of a regular income

You feel torn between the love for your business and the love for your family, and never able to devote quality time to either without feeling guilty

You’re frustrated by the feeling of not getting anywhere fast, and can’t see the way forward

You’ve got bogged down by the stress of running your business, and it’s starting to steal the joy from your work

Things are ok, they might even be good, but that’s not enough for you. You’re striving for greatness.

You’re ready for big things, and prepared to put the work in to get where you want to be

Right then, relax those shoulders my lovely, you’re in the right place. With the tools and techniques of The Flow Method™, you’ll:


Achieve real balance across all areas of your life


Feel confident and powerful as a business owner


Make bold and brilliant moves without being held back by fear


Put the fun back into your business, and make more money while doing so


Embrace the things that are right for you, and let go of those that aren’t


Intuitively understand what’s necessary to push you forward, while keeping you uplifted and empowered at the same time


Prioritise time with your loved ones above all else, without sacrificing cash or creativity.

In other words, you’ll be living your life in FLOW.

The Flow Method™ focuses on four key elements to help you gain the creative and financial freedom you crave. Over a period of four months, I’ll guide you towards a life that’s:


Love centered



Show Me The Magic

There’s no real way to say this without sounding a little like a sweeping movie trailer (feel free to read this next bit in a suitably epic voice): with The Flow Method™, I’m inviting you to join me on a journey of self-discovery. 

We’re talking real transformation here, brought to you with a signature blend of grounded, actionable coaching and a gentle connection with the spiritual. That’s how we’ll unlock and unleash the power that’s already inside you. That’s where the magic happens. 

Here’s what’s waiting for you when you take the leap…

The Flow Method™ is:


It’s a four-month programme, with a new group of ten classes based on one of the four elements of FLOW (Fearless, Love Centered, Organised, Wealthy) released each month. 


You’ll be taught by me, with a series of pre-recorded videos and live coaching calls and Q&As each month. I’m guessing you’ve got a flavour of the way I do things by now, but have a scroll down in a bit to find out more about who I am and the way I work. You’ll also (and I can’t stress enough how excited I am about this) have the benefit of some very special guests. More than just visiting experts, these four incredible women are guiding stars, with the sort of knowledge, experience and wisdom to share that will make a real and lasting impact on you. You can find out more about each of these amazing trailblazers a bit later on.


This programme has been created to boost your soul as well as your brain. As well as a certified coach, I’m also a qualified meditation and breathwork instructor, and each month I’ll be running a live breathwork class with you. Combining calming, focused breathing techniques with deep introspection and insightful strategy has been my recipe for success. This connection with your breath and the power that you’ll experience when channelling and controlling it is truly transformational – trust me.


Upon joining the programme, you’ll be placed into a Pod, a small group of up to 25 fellow Flow students. Each Pod will have its own private Facebook group, and the chance to build a community of like-minded, passion-led entrepreneurs who are on this journey with you.

“I cannot recommend Faye’s coaching programme highly enough, her ability to take my multitude of ideas and not only help me tackle them one by one but teach me a new way of thinking, of mapping out the path for any new concept and how to make it a success has been series of eye openers and the brightest of light bulb moments” 

– JoJo C

Gimme an F, Gimme an L,
Gimme an O, Gimme a W!

Here’s a little taster of what you can expect from each of the four core elements of The Flow Method™.


We’re not looking for zero fear here – that’s not a thing. Instead, I’ll be helping you towards a fear-less mentality. We’ll dive deep into what’s holding you back, and find focused, calming ways to push you past them. This element will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to tackle the biggest and boldest of your ideas.


I teach a business strategy that is born from a sense of love and respect – for my clients, my clients’ clients and for myself. During this core element of the programme we’ll be figuring out what’s important to you, and aligning your business with your values as a business owner and a human. This requires some serious introspection and is likely to get emotional at times, but the end result will be one of calm, of balance, of gratitude and of the most genuine connection you’ve ever had with your business. I can’t wait!


OK, roll up those sleeves and let’s get things well and truly sorted! With this part of the programme, it’s time to wave goodbye to overwhelm, piles of paper, noise, clutter and time falling like sand through a sieve. We will streamline and polish up your processes to clear so much headspace and capacity to focus on the bigger picture.


As a passionate, heart-led entrepreneur you’ve got a wealth of experience, a wealth of skills, a wealth of ideas. So why do you feel uncomfortable at the idea of deserving financial wealth, too? We’ll put your money habits under the microscope and help you on your way to financial abundance and the wealth you deserve. 

meet your

guiding stars

Kirsty Hulse

Kirsty is our Fearless Guiding Star, and is an inspirational powerhouse. She’s a highly qualified coach, motivational speaker, author and celebrated stand-up comic.

She is an expert at empowering individuals to achieve more than they ever thought possible in a way that’s refreshingly warm and down to earth. Kirsty will be showing you how to step into your power, understand your potential and fearlessly achieve your goals.

Natalia Komis

Natalia is an Intuitive Business Mentor and Energy Healer dedicated to helping conscious entrepreneurs to uncover their soul mission and to create a purpose driven business and life. Believe me when I tell you that she is the perfect person to be delivering one of our Love Centered classes. Natalia will be showing you how to heal your blocks around self-expression, so that you can step into being the change you want to see. Prepare to feel amazed, inspired and more in love with your business than ever before.

Sam Burgess

I’m pretty sure Sam has actual superpowers.

She’s an expert at coaching creative entrepreneurs to work smarter, be happier and achieve amazing things.

With her guidance, this rocket-booster of a guest session in the Organised element of The Flow Method™ will have you beating back overwhelm, feeling in control and ready to work smarter.

Noor Hibbert

Last but as far from least as is humanly possible, we have the exceptionally fabulous Noor as your guiding star in the Wealthy element of the programme. Noor is an incredible Transformational Coach who is obsessed with helping people reach their full potential both personally and professionally. Her specialism is manifesting and she will be showing you exactly how to use her signature technique to manifest the wealth you truly desire.

What’s included?

4 Core Elements

Four comprehensive core elements, each with ten video classes and accompanying workbooks.


Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the content, allowing you to tackle each class in your own time. This is your transformation, it needs to work to your schedule!

Likeminded community

Access to a ‘pod’, a small private Facebook group of max 25 students, where you can share your journey in a safe space, celebrate wins and sound out bold new thoughts and ideas. These thriving little communities are the place to form deep connections with like-minded people


Group Coaching + Q&A

A live group coaching call with me each month with all Flow students. Plus a live Q&A session and progress check for each pod every month

Breathwork sessions

A live breathwork session with me each month to focus your mind and clarify your soul

Special Guests

A live session each month with one of four ‘Guiding Stars’ – special guests who are true visionaries and experts in their field

All of this will cost you £297 per month for 4 months or you can choose to pay £997 in full

And that’s not all

Taking the leap deserves to be celebrated. You’re investing in your future, and believe me I understand the guts it takes to do that. So I’ve put together some bonuses for you, as a thank you for trusting me and, more importantly, for trusting yourself.

Bonus 1:

FLOW Live!

A day-long in-person extravaganza for you to celebrate your wins, meet your Podmates, learn from guest experts and feel bloody proud of yourself for everything you’ve achieved during the programme, and everything that’s waiting for you on the horizon.

Bonus 2:

The Gift Box of Dreams

(available to everyone who takes the ‘pay in full’ option).

Yep, it’s a box of serious swag, curated especially for you. Think delicious treats, sumptuous stationery, and a host of other little surprises.

Bonus 3:

FLOW on the go!

(available to the speed demons among you who book within 48 hours of launch)

This is a portable kit to help you keep centred and focused when you’re out and about and in the zone of running your business. It’s got some quick tips and tricks to beat back imposter syndrome and other triggers that can break your stride. Think of it as an ‘anti-wobble’ kit, if you will. It’s a little bit of magic to keep in your back pocket.

let’s talk about Value

The Flow Method™ is a four-month investment that will honestly and truly change your life. You’ll be able to look back and mark your decisions and thought processes as BF and WF (before flow and with flow), it’s that sort of line in the sand.

It’s also, frankly, an absolute bargain.

The opportunity for genuine, lifelong change is most definitely worth more than the sum of its parts, but it’s worth noting that its parts are worth more than its price!

The Flow Method™’s mix of live and pre-recorded coaching, breathwork sessions and guest guiding star sessions have a combined value of £5750.

Add on the great big gorgeous bonuses, and that’s another £1393[1] .

 So (allow me to do the maths so you don’t have to), we’re talking over £7000 worth of content, knowledge and empowerment, available to you for just £997.

Join The Flow Method™ Now!

“The best thing about Faye is that she is just so easy to talk to and is incredibly kind. She enabled me to open up quickly and easily and she is just so inspiring and uplifting. She helped me change the way I think. I always left our calls feeling pumped up and ready for anything. If you’re thinking of working with Faye, GO FOR IT! For me as well as the advice and business acumen, Faye became my weekly therapy which in turn gave me full access to be myself.”

– Kitten G

Imagine a world beyond this threshold,
a place where dreams are stored
like boiled sweets in glass jars,
and no shelf is out of reach;
where you can let go of fear
as easily as the string of a balloon.
Imagine a sky firefly bright with potential,
lit with stars, and you among them.
Lean your shoulder against this locked door,
feel the sudden, comforting weight
of the key in your pocket.

Want even more?

Take The VIP Track

Everything about The Flow Method™ has me fizzing with excitement at the thought of sharing it with you. And for five of you, that excitement is about to go into overdrive. I’m delighted to be offering an exclusive VIP version of the programme, strictly limited to five places only. 

In addition to The Flow Method™ programme, my five VIPs will get 1:1 coaching time with me, in order to really supercharge their dreams and reach that elusive next level.

You’ll receive:

  • four monthly 1:1 calls, each lasting 90 minutes
  • a day’s VIP mastermind in person with me and the other members of the VIP group
  • a place on my luxury three-day retreat[1]  to relax and recharge in stunning surroundings, with fabulous food and a spot of pampering thrown in for good measure.

The total value of the VIP option is £13,543, but it’s available to you for £4997, or for four instalments of £1497



I’m Faye, and I’m a Business & Mindset Coach. I’m all about freedom. Freedom to dream big, freedom to give my time to the people I love without guilt, freedom to spend money on the things that I want without stress. As an internationally renowned wedding photographer, I’ve built a successful business that harnesses my creativity, and allows me to work in a way that fits my lifestyle and my family. I became a coach to help passion-led solopreneurs (that’s you!) see that you too can have your cake and eat it.

You can work flexibly and hit your income goals. You can fit your job around your young family. You can make a wildly profitable business from being creative. Success isn’t for the chosen few. This cake is delicious – come grab yourself a slice!

A focus on mindset is at the heart of the way I do things. Mine is a holistic approach, where we work on your sense of balance and self-care as well as your business and strategy. The Flow Method™ is the way I choose to live my life, it’s taught me how to work smarter, not harder, how to play to my strengths and to do business from a place of love. It’s brought me real success, and I can’t wait for you to experience it, too.

Are you in?

“Working with Faye has been transformative. I wake up happier, walk a little taller and go to sleep calmer, using the skills and techniques I have learned… Faye’s upbeat, soulful and good-humoured approach is consistently and thoughtfully applied to a methodical set of modules” 

– JoJo C

You’ve Got Questions?

I’ve Got Answers!

How do I know this programme is right for me?

If you’re passionate about your business and want to make it a roaring success, without sacrificing the joy of running it; if you want to find freedom and flexibility to earn cash in abundance and fit your work in around your family life; if you’re working as hard as you can but can’t get past the feeling of ‘scraping by’ – this programme is right for you. Recalibrate your brain, rebalance your business, rejuvenate your bank balance. Game. Changed.

When do we start?

The Fearless element of the programme will be available for you in all its glory on 4th October 2021. You’ll then have access to all ten of its video classes and workbooks and can work through them in your own time. The next three elements will be released on 1st November, 29th November and 3rd January respectively.

When are the live calls?

The coaching calls will be at 12pm GMT. If you’d like to join live (and I’d love it if you would), then the dates for your diaries are: 18th October, 15th November, 13th December, and 17th January.  Your Q&A session times will be sent to you once you’ve been assigned a pod, as will the live breathwork classes. But don’t worry, everything will be recorded and available on replay if you can’t watch live.

I’m not in the UK, does that matter?

Not at all – this programme is made for you no matter where in the world you’re based.

Argh, I’ve missed a live call, is there a replay?

Yep, don’t worry. Everything will be recorded and available for you in your members’ area to download and watch / rewatch at your leisure.

Join The Flow Method™ Now!

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