To run the successful, profitable, totally joyful business that you deserve, your mindset has to be right. I’m not talking about relentless positivity or painting a rose-coloured filter over everything – far from it.

This is about calm, about focus, about feeling truly centred and purposeful in every decision you make and action you take. And for that, it all starts with the breath.

We take breathing for granted – I mean, we do it thousands of times a day. But breath is a powerful force, and when channelled and controlled it can do wonders for your mind.

I’m a qualified meditation and breathwork instructor

And I’m delighted to be offering bespoke breathwork sessions for you, either in a small group setting, or as a private 1:1 session.

Now, I grew up very near Glastonbury, so am well-versed in the concept of the ‘woo’, and how all things spiritual can sometimes turn people off, but I guarantee you that the work we do together on your breathing is the closest thing you’ll experience to magic! When used alongside your other business strategies, breathwork will make you a serious force to be reckoned with.

my journey with


As a teenager, I suffered from anxiety. I would find my body becoming a tense jangle of raw nerves in a sudden rush that would leave me, literally, breathless. Focusing on my mindset and my breathing was the best way for me to regain control of my thoughts, and while as a youngster I didn’t realise that what I was doing was a form of breathwork, I knew that it was working for me. It quickly became my secret weapon against anxiety, allowing me to overcome my fears and win lead roles in school plays, put myself out there and represent the school on the sports field with my competitive running, and stop letting myself get in my own way.

As I got older, the juggle of adulthood took over. The corporate job, the house, the kids, the business… I let my mindset and breathing work be the thing that fell off the bottom of my list. Sure enough, the old fears and sense of overwhelm came flooding back. I knew I needed to make space for my mind in my life, and this time I really wanted to understand the connections between mind, body and spirit. I invested time and energy in learning and in essentially rewiring my brain, and with my NLP Coaching qualifications, followed by Meditation and finally Breathwork tuition qualifications, I have been able to make mindset work a regular and essential part of my business and my life.

I can’t wait to introduce you to some of my favourite techniques, to help you find your focus and banish the overwhelm.

how does it work?

The technique I use is called ‘Flow Breathwork’ and it combines a two-step breathing technique with music to create an incredible physical and spiritual experience.

It will detox your body, alkalise your blood and stimulate a natural anti-inflammatory effect.

It will elevate your mood, offer you mental clarity and boost your energy, and it has also been shown to play a part in healing for anxieties, chronic stress and other trauma.

No extra equipment or special skills are required, just an open-minded approach and a willingness to give yourself over to the session without trying to control it or overthink it. That’s part of the magic of it – you’re carrying everything you need for a transformative experience within your own body!

what’s included in the session?

A FLOW Breathwork class with me will last around 60 minutes and it will be split into 3 parts.

The first 5 minutes will be a welcome and will cover a few points to help you get the best out of the session. I’ll help you adjust your posture and make suggestions about how to make your surroundings the most relaxing they can be.

The second part is what is known as an active breathing session. Before we start I will explain to you exactly what to do and how it will work. It’s simple and perfectly safe, and I’ll be there gently guiding you through it. This section will last about 30 minutes; you’ll hear some relaxing music playing and the sound of my voice giving you soft step-by-step instructions. Then the last section of your bespoke live session is a relaxation breathwork session, to leave you feeling serene, calm and ready for anything.

A one-off breathwork session will definitely have an impact on the way you feel, but in order to let it live up to its true potential, it needs to become a practise that you do regularly. A replay of your personalised breathwork session with me is included in the price, and you’ll have lifetime access to be able to rewatch, refocus and relax whenever you like.

Personally, I have found that incorporating breathwork into my day two or three times a week has had the most noticeable and lasting impact. I’m so excited to share this technique with you, and can’t wait for you to start feeling how powerful it can be.


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