It’s beginning to look a lot like…. PANIC.


It's beginning to look a lot like..... the mad panic at the end of the wedding season.

Every year without fail I receive panic stricken emails and calls from clients feeling fearful about next year.

I understand. As many of you know, as well as being a Coach to the wedding industry, I am also a photographer and have been for many years. I know those feelings at this time of year. - I don't have as many weddings booked for next year as I hoped... - I'm sure I had more bookings this time last year... - Was I too hasty in putting my prices up... - Should I drop prices to encourage more bookings... - What will happen if I don't get more bookings... - I'll probably need to get a job... - I'll probably need to give up on my dreams... - I'm a failure... - Everyone told me this was a saturated market... - The honeymoon is over... - I should probably just give up now... Can you resonate with this? First of all I want to tell you that these feelings are normal and in the past, I too have let my mind spiral out of control when FEAR CREEPS IN. Here are my top 4 tips for staying focussed right now for a successful 2018. (1) Get Clear On Your Numbers When I hear clients making comparisons about this year over last or this year over next year I ask them for the numbers. I'm always surprised how little some business owners know about their own facts and figures. Get clear. It's essential you know your current turnover/profit as well as last years, the year before and your projection for next year. Often we make judgements about how the numbers look but until you have the full picture, don't let fear rule the roost. (2) Marketing Be honest, when was the last time you 'marketed' your business? This includes website, SEO, social media strategy and networking. A busy wedding season can allow us to drop the ball on this but a wedding business needs effective marketing ALL YEAR ROUND. (If you need some inspiration on this check out my 'Marketing Blueprint' - on sale right now at £19 >>CLICK HERE<< to read more). (3) Map It Out Grab a pen and paper or ideally a spreadsheet and MAP IT OUT. Decide your goals for the next 3-6 months. Get specific! How much money do you want to make? Don't worry about the how or the why, just start with the plan and the intention. (4) Self Care It's super important that you look after yourself. The wedding season can be tough on your mind AND your body so you need to make sure you're looking after yourself. I prescribe all of my clients a healthy dose of exercise, healthy eating, drinking water and doing things that make you feel HAPPY, FULL and ALIVE. (5) Ask for Help None of us are perfect so spend some time identifying what didn't go so well for you over the last wedding season and create an action plan to avoid making those mistakes again. Mistakes are absolutely normal but in my opinion are only really acceptable if we learn from them. I really hope these tips will help inspire you to move forward and make a change. The world is full of opportunity so make sure you go out there and grab your share. With Love, Faye x
I'm ready to MAKE A CHANGE

with love, faye x


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