I’ve been so grateful to you all for helping me spread the word about our fabulous club and every day I see you sharing (and indeed shouting!) about our wonderful community. For that I feel truly blessed. Since the beginning of the club I’ve always looked for ways to give back as much as I can to loyal members. The affiliate incentive is going to help you earn while you spread the word. And the fun part is that there is no limit to what you can earn, simply by telling people about your experience.

How does it work?

Below you will find an option to register for your affiliate account. When this has been set up and you are logged in you will see Your Referral URL. This is the link to share with your friends and colleagues inviting them to join the club. Please ensure the link that you give is Your Referral URL (it should have your username in the link at the end).

If they go on to join The Wedding Business Club you will receive a cash payment of £35. No minimum stay, no catch, just free cash. So if you are able to invite a handful of friends every year this could easily pocket you a few hundred pounds.


Yep it’s really that simple. ​Thank you again for your continued love and support. The loyalty you all show me and the club make me a very proud captain of the WBC ship.

Any questions please just let me know.

Faye x
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Motivate / Energise / Inspire

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