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I’m Faye, and I’m so glad you’re here. If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve got a creative business you’re passionate about and proud of, and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Already, this makes me very happy indeed. I understand that choosing to work with a business coach is a big decision. You need to feel confident that the person you’re sharing your dreams with and trusting to push you forward is right for you. So settle in, grab a mug or a glass of something delicious (mine’s a hot chocolate) and let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other…

The lowdown…


I know my stuff

I’m a Certified Business Coach and Strategist, NLP Practitioner and Qualified Meditation and Breathwork Teacher. What does that mean, other than the fact I have a row of lovely certificates on my wall? Practically speaking, this means that I’m highly intuitive and able to read between the lines; that I’m a believer in mindset being at the heart of any real change (in business and in life); and that I’ll be able to clearly see where your roadblocks are, and how to help you implement the steps to navigate them with flair.

What’s most important to me though is that I’ve been where you are. I took the leap from the comfortable but uninspiring corporate world to follow my heart and my creativity. With determination, strategic thinking and a whole lot of hard work, my wedding photography business, Faye Cornhill Photography, has blossomed from an impassioned hobby to a thriving, internationally renowned business.

If I can do it, so can you. I’m ready to show you how.


I’m invested in you

Every goal you hit, every client you book, every corner you turn in your business – I will be there cheering you on like a mad thing. I am genuinely enthusiastic and invested in each of my clients and their journeys. Yes I want you to push yourself, yes I want to see brave, audacious goals being set, but I understand that success looks different to every single business owner out there.

There’s no one-size-fitsall approach to be found here.

While I’ll be sharing some of my tried and tested approaches to increasing your sales and making your business more profitable, the road map we create together to advance your business is unique to you.


I’m not a ‘quick fix’ merchant

About that road map I mentioned earlier… I’m there to pave the way for you on your way to success, and to run alongside you with a megaphone (and my black lab, Stanley) pushing you on and encouraging you as you move forward. What I’m not there to do is be your chauffeur, driving you towards the finish line while you sit in the back sipping champagne. In choosing me as your coach, you’re making a commitment to putting in the work. The plan only works if you do.


This is about more than business

Owning my own successful business has had such an incredible impact on my life and my family’s life. It’s opened so many doors for us, and has allowed us to have the lifestyle we used to dream about. Not private jets and blinged up selfies on the beach (although if those are the dreams that make your heart beat faster, more power to you!), but a beautiful home in the countryside, quality time with my husband and our gorgeous children, and the ability to say ‘yes’ to the treats and indulgences that bring us joy, without panicking about the purse strings. Yes to spa days. Yes to that gorgeous feline bundle of mischief that masquerades as a kitten. Yes to the expensive but oh-so-luxurious sheets with a threadcount of millions…

I want that for you, too! The strategies and mindset shifts we’ll work on together will have so many benefits for your business and beyond, and I love nothing more than hearing about clients smashing their goals in a way that fits comfortably in and around their family lives. Your business is a passion, but it shouldn’t be an allconsuming one. I’m here to help you find that all-important balance. You deserve it.

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If you’re ready to commit to hard work, to growth, to letting go of what isn’t serving you and to opening yourself up to flashes of inspiration, lightbulb moments and the incredible feeling of everything clicking into place, then you’re the perfect fit for this programme and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Running a business takes a lot of mental energy. It’s exhilarating and inspiring and rewarding, but it can also be exhausting if there are no breaks on the horizon. When you factor in the extra intensity of the last few years, and the added juggles and fears that all of us have been facing, the chance for some unadulterated ‘me time’ feels even more rare and precious. That’s what the retreat can offer.


I work with a variety of business owners but if you are specifically running a business in the wedding industry, come and read about The Wedding Business Club and how our 4 Pillar System can help you are your business grow and flourish.

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