My heart feels full right now.

My heart feels so full right now.

A few weeks ago we spent a week in Devon and since coming home I have:

1) worked with purpose
2) rested with purpose

I have been living intentionally and it’s really paying off for my peace of mind as well as my business. 

When I first became an adult I thought success was measured by ‘things’ like who had the biggest house or the fanciest car or the nicest clothes. Which felt strange because I didn’t really want ‘things’. I mean yes, I hoped one day I’d be able to buy a nice family home and a safe and comfy car and all of that jazz but possessions really only took me so far.

In a way I actually feel quite limited by desires for ‘things’.

“It all feels so, materialistic.”

It wasn’t really until Harry and Grace came along that I really found my flow in terms of what makes me tick. And now I know. I know it SO clearly. I know what I need to do to fill my cup and to re-energise myself.

It’s not about possessions. It’s about time, it’s about experience, it’s about freedom, it’s about space and choice… So building a business to this exact blueprint was my mission about 10 years ago. And I’ll be honest – I didn’t in a million years imagine that I’d actually be able to do it… society conditions you to believe that you don’t have choice. That’s things work a certain way and you have to fit your desires around that.

Thankfully I realised that it’s only that way if you CHOOSE that way. So a different path I chose! And now I’m beyond grateful for the lifestyle I’ve been able to create. And I’m ridiculously excited that I get to help other people do exactly the same.

Enjoy the summer everyone.️ Make it the best yet and know that everything you desire is totally possible.️

with love, faye x


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